How to open an offshore bank account

It is not uncommon to hear about an offshore current account, opened at banks with offices abroad and with particularly advantageous conditions. 
But how do they work and how to open an offshore bank account?

What are offshore bank accounts

First of all, it is necessary to understand that offshore accounts are banking relationships with which one can operate without undergoing too much control. This happens precisely thanks to the lack of regulation, typical of countries like Panama, the Cayman Islands and others, in which the banks in which it is possible to open an offshore bank account are based. 
Offshore account contracts can be concluded either by private individuals or by companies, and transfers made to such relationships are not subject to particularly stringent controls, on the contrary, sometimes they are even null. 
The opening of an offshore account is, therefore, possible for anyone, although the legal provisions regarding this dictate clear rules.

Open an offshore bank account

The opening of offshore current accounts is a relatively simple operation, which can be carried out without necessarily going to the place where the bank is located. In fact, to open an offshore bank account it is necessary to have valid identity documents or passports and the exchange of documentation can also take place by e-mail. Without entering into the merits of the legitimacy of intentions, in some cases, the offshore bank requires a certification that proves the authenticity of the documents, a notary stamp or a similar act. Some banks may, in some cases, request documentation regarding the origin of the money transferred to the account, but this does not always happen and is not the practice. 
The opening and management of the account can, therefore, take place entirely and digitally. 
Both private individuals and companies can provide their data and, subject to approval by the bank, operate on the foreign account at advantageous conditions and without too many restrictions.

Facilitated tax legislation and current account

The countries in which offshore accounts can be opened are tax havens. In fact, in these states the tax legislation is elastic and the rules are particularly flexible. Taxation and low rates, high-interest rates, bank secrecy and the possibility of transferring large sums in the absence of controls are some of the typical features of tax havens. 
Opening an offshore bank account is, therefore, possible for anyone; however, this is a practice that is often not legal, a choice to be evaluated with great care and awareness, to avoid incurring situations that are not transparent and difficult to manage.

Anonymous bank account in offshore bank

What is an anonymous bank account?

An anonymous bank account is opened in offshore banks and can be opened in the name of an individual’s natural person as well as an anonymous offshore company.

Offshore banks, thanks to a high standard of banking secrecy, allow the right to privacy of the owner, secure anonymous bank account and financial assets stored on it.

How do I open an anonymous bank account?

Description of the bank account offshore opening process.

Expert consultation

You will get free expert consultation information
on offshore bank accounts and ways of using them. From the meeting, you will leave a charge of information and inspiration.


If you choose to open an offshore bank account based on your information, we will do so as per your requirements. We open the account in some banks within 3 days.

Delivery of documents

When you open a bank account, your account documents and Internet banking access will be delivered by hand to the courier service.

Why Anonymous Bank Account?

The most common motivation for opening offshore bank accounts.

Easy operation

Money deposited on an offshore bank account is always available at a regular bank. You do not have to fly anywhere to communicate with the bank. Your account is most often managed by online banking. Telebanking can also be used.

Higher security

The money is stored in a really safe place. They are protected against bailiffs who violate their powers and authorities that engage in unlawful interference. The bank account in offshore jurisdiction will always be the safest banking solution.

Privacy Protection

Offshore banks generally provide a higher level of banking secrecy than we are accustomed to in the Czech business environment. This makes offshore bank accounts an essential tool for protecting the property and privacy of the account owner.

Currency Diversification

In the old saying “Do not All Egg in a Basket”, offshore bank accounts serve as a tool for currency diversification. At the time of the declining rate of the unstable Czech crown, it is always reasonable to have part of your savings saved in another currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about offshore bank accounts.

Is the bank account for the offshore company absolutely anonymous?

Offshore banks in which we open bank accounts offer the highest possible degree of protection to the account holder’s privacy. However, given the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, full anonymity when opening a bank account can no longer be achieved in any bank in the world. Not even in those that specialize in offshore banking. Banking institutions must always have information about the account holder or the beneficial owner of the offshore company for which it is open. Even if the nominee tool is used.

Do I need to be physically present when opening a bank account?

Opening a bank account for the offshore company is avoided without the need for a beneficial owner’s physical presence. This fact is compensated by the need for precise preparation of notarized and documented documentation. We will prepare and verify for you within our services.

In what currencies can I have a bank account?

Offshore banks open accounts in all major currencies. Accounts can be created in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RUB and more.